Natural & Clean Whoops a Daisy


Emergency treatment for all types of accidents Natural and Clean whoops a-daisy! can be used to instantly absorb and deodorise the worst type of everyday spillages on all types of surfaces. The fine absorbent crystals are excellent in an emergency where instant absorption is required to contain body spillage and odour such as vomit. Can also be used for the absorption of blood, urine, food and drinks. How it works When the fine Natural and Clean whoops a-daisy! crystals come into contact with moisture, they instantly begin to absorb and expand, binding the spillage together. The crystals expand and absorb over 400 times their own volume. The gel that is formed clumps and totally encapsulates/contains the spillage, it is then easily removed by scraping the contents with a spoon. The carpet fibres or floor is left dry and clean – ready for immediate use. Safe to use Natural and Clean whoops a-daisy! is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use. It has bactericidal properties, attracting bacteria deep into the absorbent sponge like gel. It is safe to use on any carpet fibre, hard floor surface, upholstery, bedding or clothing. For best results Act as soon as possible for best results. Liberally sprinkle contents directly onto spillage. Allow powder to absorb spillage for approximately 1-2 minutes – crystals will expand and absorb spillage. Remove contents using a stiff hand brush and pan, vacuum or simply scrape with a spoon. Potential areas of use: Especially effective for children suffering with travel sickness, young babies, the incontinent or pets. Used in boats, aeroplanes, cars, schools, nurseries, hospitals, nursing homes, in the home, vets, prisons etc. Size: 250g Natural and Clean Whoops a Daisy – Ingredients: Cationic Surfactants <1% Absorbent Polymer Water

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